Time: 2011 - 2017

Executive Unit: General Department of Vietnam Customs

Compilation of Customs official statistics on imports and exports is one of Vietnam Customs’ core roles as stipulated in the Customs Law (No. 54/2014/QH13, approved on 23rd June 2014). In order to fulfill this assignment and meet the requirements of Governmental ministries, agencies and organizations for acquiring and assessing information about export and import, the General Department of Vietnam Customs (Information Technology and Customs Statistics Department) disseminates ―Customs Handbook on International Merchandise Trade Statistics of Vietnam 2016‖.

As customary, ―Customs Yearbook on International Merchandise Trade of Vietnam‖ disseminated annually since 1998 providing annual detailed data on merchandise exports and imports by main product, by 6-digit HS code and by main partner, this Handbook updates only general data on Vietnam’s international merchandise trade over 20-year-period (1995-2016) and data of the year 2016 in focus - such as exports and imports by trading partner and commodity group. For further understanding about the statistical data throughout this Handbook, please refer to the ―Brief Methodological and Technical Notes‖ section. This is the 6th year Vietnam Customs publish the Hand book of this kind.

This Handbook is an useful tool providing statistical data for reference and research. The Handbook will be improved gradually with time and developments and constructive comments of users. Along this line, we’d like to extend our sincere thanks for valuable ideas and assessments from users that will be used to adjust and improve the Handbook with the aim of meeting users requirements in future publications.

Handbooks in Vietnamese are attached here