Vietnam's WTO Commitment Summaries

WTO Agreement Summaries

  • What is WTO?

    This booklet gives a concise introduction to the World Trade Organization (WTO) through the Q&A form with a view to helping publicize the basic knowledge of this organization.

  • WTO & Enterprises

    This booklet summarizes the influences, including benefits and risks, of Vietnam’s WTO accession on Vietnamese enterprises.

Other publications

  • 2017 Economic Census of Vietnam

    The "2017 Economic Census" published by the General Statistics Office to outline the full picture of the fluctuation and distribution of economic, administrative and professional establishments, the number of labors, the structure of the sector and the region of the economy, the contribution of each economic sector to the development of the whole country and each locality over the past 5 years. It provides facilities to adjust and supply policies, plan on development of branches and regions, develop human resources and promote the application of information technology.

  • World Tariff Profiles 2018

    Published in 2018